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Three Things to Say to Loved Ones with Lupus

By Carie Sherman It’s hard to know the right thing to say to someone who is sick. Lupus and its ever-changing symptoms confuse everyone involved. So this week’s post is dedicated to our lupus-loved ones, providing a few things to chat about the next time you’re at a loss for words. Should you feel so inclined, consider: 1) Asking “how are you feeling?” My friend Michelle begins every conversation we have this way. At first I found her question disarming–people rarely ask. But by beginning our conversations that way, we acknowledge that dang elephant in the room, and I’m reminded that she cares. I’m grateful each time she asks. 2) Saying “you are beautiful.” “Invisible illness” my ass. Sure lupus...
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A Lazy Lupie’s Guide to Eating

3 Things That Ensure a Reasonably Healthy Meal When you’re flaring, brushing your teeth is a challenge (and that’s assuming you even got out of bed!). Cooking a healthy meal for yourself and family on those days? Fuggedaboutit! But healthy eating is a must. And over the last year, I’ve found a few things I can depend on to get through the ugliest of days. The computer. Use it to find a grocery store that delivers. Here in Denver, King Soopers will deliver your grocery list to your door. There’s a fee, but I know myself: If I went to the store, I’d blow that $10 on off-list items. Another helper? Amazon Prime’s “subscribe and save” service. It’s easy to...
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An Evening of Lupus Education

Join us for an evening of Lupus Education focused on you and your health! Lupus and Your Skin Tuesday, April 22nd Department of Dermatology Lupus and Health Nutrition Tuesday, May 20th Department of Integrative Medicine Location University of Colorado Click below to view a flyer with more details. RHEUM1308-01 Spring Lupus Educational Flyer...
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March 2014 Newsletter

Colorado lupus patients represented at nation’s capitol The voice of lupus resounded throughout the U.S. Capitol as the Lupus Research Institute’s National Coalition (pictured right) visited more than 50 legislators and staff for 2014 Lupus Advocacy Day this month. Inez Robinson, executive director of Lupus Colorado, was there to represent those in Colorado who live with lupus and to advocate for lupus research and improved care. Robinson urged those in Colorado to make their voices heard. Those who want more attention given to lupus can become virtual advocates without ever leaving home. “Help amplify and multiply the impact – the louder we speak, the more Congress will listen,” Robinson said. Visit the LRI Legislative Action Center to learn more about the...
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Three Things You Can Do TODAY to Make a Difference for People with Lupus

And each takes only a few minutes (and are mostly self-serving). I promise.  1) Go shopping! I’ll be putting my Amazon Prime account to good use this week by specifying Lupus Colorado (under its incorporation name of Lupus Foundation of Colorado) as the beneficiary. In addition to the regular portion of donations, Lupus Colorado will receive an extra $5 for each donation. Learn more. 2) Make room for your Amazon purchases (and have someone ELSE pick up the stuff!). Lupus Colorado depends on your support to help the individuals and families impacted by this lupus. Meet spring with a cleaner house and a do-gooder spirit by donating your unwanted clothes, goods, and household items by calling 303-231-9337. Learn more. 3)...
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