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The Lupus Card: A Gift from Me to You

By Carie Sherman I’m feeling the stress of the holidays. I bet you are too. Personally, I’ve taken on too much work. And I’m using a crazy amount of energy reigning in my inner Clark W. Griswold. But I’ll be fine, and it’s for one reason: I am the proud carrier of the Lupus Card. And I use it anytime I’m about to: Add to my list of “Must Do’s” Beat myself up about an unrealistic expectation Let myself feel guilty about this failure or that misgiving Throw myself a raging pity party Warning: The Lupus Card is not prestigious. Membership is not recommended. It offers no cash back or bonus miles. But it’s given me something money can’t buy:...
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Three Tips for Forming Good Habits (Like, Tracking Your “Three Good Things”)

By Carie Sherman Last week I wrote about the three good things challenge, and I must confess: I dropped the ball. Or rather, I keep falling asleep way earlier than I intend. I made it through four days and skipped two. So, I’ll be starting over again this weekend. (Do you have anything great to report? Share in the comments below please.) It got me thinking about how we form new habits. Some seem very easy, like finding myself at Starbucks this holiday season to partake of their caramel brulee latte. Other habits, like writing my three good things, are a struggle. So here are a few tips I found on the interwebs that actually seem pretty helpful. 1) Start...
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Five Minutes for Two Weeks Can Change Your Life: Will You Accept the “Three Good Things” Challenge?

By Carie Sherman The science is in and the results prove: A positive attitude is a key to better health. It’s as easy as taking five minutes for 14 days to reflect on the good stuff. I recently heard a researcher from Duke University speak to an audience of physicians about using the science of mindfulness to combat a bigtime problem people in health care face: burnout. And I walked away with a tool–and a challenge–for us chronically ill sorts. A Scientific Formula for Increasing Your Own Resiliency I’ve never met a more resilient bunch than the people I know who have lupus. But day after day of feeling hungover (sans awesome levels of consumption the night before) can leave...
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Colorado’s Anti “Puffing” Law Impacts People Living with Chronic Pain (And Other Thoughts I Should Be Forgiven For)

By Carie Sherman Holy change in weather, batman! I’ve been hurting so badly and had no idea why, until my mom reminded me that Grandpa Harold always said he knew when the weather was changing because he felt it in his bones. And then there’s my BFF, who doesn’t have an autoimmune condition yet complains of pain and weakness in her bum knee. Poor girl. Her bum knee is the result of having an airhead for a “spotter” who let her fall and tear her ACL during cheerleading practice. In my defense, I had a Tootsie Pop in my hand. Who knows what might have happened if I’d been a good spotter? Maybe she’d have had to cut a lollipop...
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November Newsletter

Remember Lupus Colorado On Colorado Gives Day Mark your calendars and tell your friends! Colorado Gives Day is right around the corner. On Dec. 10 your donation to Lupus Colorado will be leveraged by the Community First Foundation. For 24 hours, donations will be accepted through the websiteColoradoGives.org. Please log on on Dec. 10 and support Lupus Colorado! “Colorado Gives Day puts Colorado’s non-profits in the forefronts of people’s minds,” said Lupus Colorado Executive Director Debbie Lynch. “It’s an opportunity to reflect on what causes are important to you and give — knowing that your money will be leveraged and the impact of your gift made greater.” Colorado Gives Day is an online giving initiative created by the Community First Foundation and...
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