How Lupus Colorado Can Help

Lupus Colorado offers a variety of services for people with lupus, their friends and families, and others seeking to learn more about the disease. Members and non-members alike can take advantage of our support, education, and information network.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance Program
  • EOC Utility Assistance
  • Support Services
  • Newsletter
  • Educational Programs
  • Special Events
  • Comprehensive Literature

Utility Assistance: Through the support of Energy Outreach Colorado, we offer home energy assistance to everyone. Help is available for utility bills for qualifying applicants through an annual grant.

We have funding available for Xcel, Black Hills, Atmos, and Colorado Natural Gas. If your utility company is not one of these four companies, we have no funding currently.

To apply for assistance, please send the following to
1.      Application
2.      Colorado Photo ID
3.      Most Recent Past Due Bill
4.      Consent Form for Your Utility Company
          a.      Xcel
          b.      Atmos
          c.      Black Hills
          d.      Colorado Natural Gas

Emergency Financial Assistance Program: Through the support of local foundations and individual contributions, we offer emergency financial help to individuals diagnosed with lupus. Help is available for prescription medication, office visits and other needs that require a one-time financial payment. Email the application, Colorado ID, proof of lupus diagnosis, and invoice/estimate for your request to The Emergency Assistance Application can be found HERE.

Support Services: Support groups are facilitated by people who have lupus and have a positive approach to dealing with the challenges of living with lupus. Informal telephone support is available to people who want to speak with another person who has experienced similar situations and issues in living with lupus.

Educational Programs: Programs specifically designed to meet the needs of people with lupus, their family and friends, the general public, and other health care providers. Topics are based on requests from members and participants.

Resource Directory: The Lupus Colorado Resource Directory is packed full for information on where to find help. From patient advocacy, to caregiver assistance, from alternative medicine to housecleaning help, it’s all here!

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